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Why is a sales funnel essential post Covid?

COVID 19 has changed the World of business. 

We are already having to get used to constant Zoom meetings and the decrease of face-to-face contact. Competition has also increased as companies and consumers are spending less and are worried about the future.

Only the most agile businesses with a laser focus on online growth will survive and thrive through this global pandemic.

In this new environment there is going to be one phrase that stands out “online automated sales funnel”.


What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a multi-step journey that moves a perspective browser to a buyer. 

As the diagram above shows, a sales funnel has several stages:



This is the initial stage of the funnel. Here you are simply trying to prove that you are an authority in the field. 

To enter the funnel you are usually trying to get a potential lead to exchange their contact information for a lead magnet. Such as a cheat-sheet, eBook or any other free content of value. This exchange will take place on a landing page. This is a page with one specific function. This will then move the leads onto the next stage of your funnel.



In this stage you start to tell your story through your automated system. You can start to flesh out exactly how you can solve their problem and why they can trust your brand. 



Next, you want to move them towards making a decision. The chances of a decision being taken by a potential lead can be increased through a number of behavioural techniques such as the principle of scarcity, perhaps in the form of a limited time offer, or social proof, through user reviews.



You must have a clear understanding of the action you want the user to take and make it as easy as possible for them to complete this action. 



This is a stage often missed out in descriptions of sales funnels. It is far more likely someone will buy from you if they have already purchased a product or service.

If they loved your product or service then they will now become an advocate for your business and a powerful lead generation tool, recommending you to others.

The next step

If you are already selling a product or service, then congratulations you have already passed the hardest hurdle – proving you can solve a potential client’s or customer’s problem.

However, a well thought-out, optimised sales funnel has the potential to take your business to the next level. 

In the post-COVID World a system such as this will be essential.


A changing World?

It used to be that a system like this was only available to large companies with huge budgets. However, advances in technology have made the systems much more accessible and easier to manage.

A business of any size can now start to scale their business by building an online sales funnel. 


What do you need to start?

The process can be daunting, but chances are that you already have the essential elements: A product or service that solves a problem, a story that you use to engage potential customers and some form of assets developed to help the recruitment process.

Such assets might include:

  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials
  • Video content
  • Engaging copy
  • And anything else that promotes your business.

All you need to do is arrange those into a system using a range of tools.

Luckily, these tools are easy to use, though can be tricky to learn. At Yuno we know that budgets are tight, but that you’re desperate to grow. 


How we can help

We support businesses by offering agency level knowledge, with ongoing support through our Hub Yuno platform.

You can claim your free course within Hub Yuno by clicking here.

In the course we explain the stages of a sales funnel in greater detail and look at the tools you will need to create a high converting system for your business.

Even if this is not for you, we wish you every success with your business journey and we hope this article helped.

The Yuno Team

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