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The Yuno Media YouTube Channel

If you’ve entered Hub Yuno you’ve probably noticed we have a lot of video content within our courses and, if you’re a member, you’ll also have access to our webinar archive. We’ve decided that some of these videos need to be available to everyone because they’re too good and sharing knowledge is what we love doing.

We mentioned webinars a moment ago. Within our webinars we have a category called “Interviews” which as you can guess, take on an interview format. We’ve interviewed a load of business experts with a strong focus on discovering their stories. We discover what motivated them to start a business, the mistakes they’ve made a long the way and they share their own advice to individuals like yourself who run businesses or are thinking of starting one.

Head over to our Youtube channel with the link below and find our “A Business Life” playlist.

So, who have we interviewed so far?

Neil Klerck – Neil is the founder of Tifo Football. He gives us an insight into how he eventually sold a business to a large US firm.

Jeni Smith – Jeni started her journey fresh out of university. After realising that Networking was her passion, Jeni set about creating a unique networking model based around university research.

Stefan Thomas – Stefan is the author of Business Networking for Dummies. Like everyone else, Stefan has a great story about where he started and how he became a director of a national networking organisation.

Tim Brock – People in business are passionate about what they do and Tim is no exception. Jonny discusses Tim’s business life in the farming industry and how he helped to implement a game changing GPS tracking system to farmers across the UK in the 90’s.

Steve Roest – Steve has been on a fascinating journey from selling used sports cars in California, to fighting against the whaling industry. He’s now leading the way for-fronting the development of the social enterprise movement.

We have so many other interviews lined up and what they really show is that every person’s journey is different. We cannot wait to share more stories with you.

Don’t forget to join Hub Yuno (you can do this for free) and subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you think you have a business story that others could learn from and be inspired by, then please get in touch with the team here at Hub Yuno.

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