Behind every business there's a story

All businesses start with a dream. We started Yuno Media with a couple of old laptops in a tiny office space. What excited us most about what we were doing, was the impact we had on our client’s businesses. They were happy, which meant we were happy. We kept on growing, mostly through referrals and started to take on some larger clients. It was looking great for Yuno!

Then we had trouble with one of our larger contracts. Due to cash flow we didn’t have enough money set aside to pay a large corporation tax bill, we were in great danger of going under. We could easily have given up but Yuno was our passion. In order to keep going we lost and sacrificed a lot, both in the business and in our personal lives. This includes paying ourselves less than £20 per week for over 18 months.

The other major pressure we had was that we had to go out looking for new work, never knowing when it was going to come in. Our marketing budget was next to nothing until our tax bill was paid off.

Eventually we realised we were in the perfect position to rethink the business. We knew what our problems were and it was time to answer them with solutions. As a small team, any time spent not developing websites had to be spent wisely. After months of trial and error we had built a fully automated sales funnel for our lead generation. Suddenly leads starting pouring in. We started to grow again and never looked back. Knowing that we had a working sales funnel meant we could still continue networking and provide the personal service we love giving to our clients.

Now we support businesses by helping them plan, develop and build their own systems. It worked for us and it will work for you. You can have a go at creating your own sales funnel now by taking a look at our online courses or book a call with us to chat about how we could build one specific to your business.

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